About me

Hi!  I'm Chrissi.  I know there are so many decisions to make when you are planning a wedding or an event.  You want it to be unique and special, just like you.  From elegant fairytales to rustic dreams, I want to help you express that dream.  At Chrissi G Design we specialize in modern calligraphy and custom art for your entire wedding invitation suite.


My husband and I recently renewed our vows in Italy.  I know how easy it is to sweat over every detail!  I also know that your teenage children will not be interested in your heartfelt vows.  Insert eyeroll here.  No apologies, it's the truth!   But back to you and why you are here -  if you are looking to add that special something, that extra flourish, that attention to detail that is distinctive and uncommon I'd love to talk to you.


I graduated from Penn State with a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Graphic Design.  I work at this because I love it.  Drawn or painted by hand - I love that!  Or created digitally - technology is my friend!  - - I work both ways to make your visions a reality.


I'd love to hear from you - let's talk about your next event or project.   Over email or over coffee.  (Coffee is code for wine.)  Click the contact link at the top.   And follow me on social media too!  Grazie!