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27 Creative Ways to Include Calligraphy at Your Wedding

Do all the things on this list or pick just a few. Either way your wedding will be totally unique and completely reflect you and your darling. I've listed 27 Ways to Include Calligraphy at Your Wedding, but I'm still working on more!!

Words have meaning. I'm sure you remember the first time you said "I love you" to your future spouse. You probably remember a song from a special date. Or maybe you repeat something funny from a show you binge-watched together. There are so many times you talked till late in the night baring your souls to each other. Beautiful words. Funny words. Words and sayings with secret meanings. So many words between you! And when those words are beautifully lettered and displayed no one will ever forget them. So here you have it - 27 Ways to Include Calligraphy at Your Wedding - from the traditional to the uncommon!

1. Save the dates—set an elegant theme for your special day.

2. Envelopes! How amazing is it to receive mail that is a work of art?

3. Invitations—spot calligraphy or completely handwritten invitations are gorgeous.

4. Your handwritten vows as a beautiful keepsake.

5. A ceremony or celebration backdrop with a love quote, saying or favorite scripture.

6. Welcome guests with a custom sign to your engagement party, bridal shower and wedding.

7. Signature cocktails illustrated and hand–calligraphed for the win!

8. Minimalist or maximalist mirror sign. So dramatic!

9. Watercolor place cards with metallic handwritten names.

10. Escort cards personalized with a custom wax seal.

11. Table numbers that bring the wow factor. Hello hand painted acrylic!

12. Amazing photo op + coveted bridesmaid gift = custom denim and leather jackets. Yass!

13. Referring to #12—personal hangers for those jackets!

14. If you didn’t post it, did it even happen? Hashtag signs prove it did.

15. Display your favorite song lyrics,

16. Turn your phones off, please! Unplugged signs do the asking.

17. Ceremony aisle quotes are so unique to you and your mate.

18. Places everyone! Seating charts so everyone knows where they belong.

19. The wedding day menu! You worked so hard to choose the most mouth-watering dishes. Yum.

20. Don’t let anyone steal your seats. Hang signs from the bride and groom chairs.

21. The bartenders can sling your favorite cocktails and compliment them with calligraphy coasters.

22. Edible escort cards—pomegranates, clementines, lemons, etc.

23. Your “firsts” written out on a chalkboard sign.

24. Love nature? Use real leaves for place cards.

25. Your new monogram on the favor bags.

26. VIP treatment—let your guests know who the important people are at your wedding on a very important sign.

27. How cool are you? Umm, the coolest — a custom neon sign with your new last name!

Let me know in the comments how you are going to use calligraphy at your wedding. To leave a comment you will need to sign up and join the community. Use the button at the upper right to log in. All the cool kids are doing it!

Send me an email if you need some ideas to personalize your wedding day with calligraphy. I'm a lettering artist, calligrapher and illustrator and I am totally excited to help make your day as awesome as you 2 are!


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Lynne Jenkins
Lynne Jenkins
Feb 20, 2020

Great blog! Love what you are doing! I am a visual person so would love to see a photo of all the above suggestions!

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